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The AGM lean liquid valve control technology, high purity raw materials and a number of independent patent technology, the life cycle has a longer float and more, with high energy, low self discharg

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Spare battery


Spare Battery

Model longmm widemm highmm Total heightmm Reference weightkg
GFM-400 210 175 341 357 28

The AGM lean liquid valve control technology, high purity raw materials and a number of independent patent technology, the life cycle has a longer float and more, with high energy, low self discharge rate, high and low temperature resistance and good performance of reproduction. Products meet domestic and international standards, and are suitable for standby power and power generation and distribution industry backup and operation power, and can be widely applied in data, signal transmission, EPS/UPS and other fields.

  Product features

  Capacity range (C10):100Ah (25 C);

  Voltage level: 2V;

  The design life is long: the design life is 10-15 years; (25 degrees C);

  Small self discharge: less than 3%/ months (25 C);

  The sealed reaction efficiency is high: 99%;

  It has a compact structure and high specific energy.

  The range of working temperature is wide: -15~45 C.

  Structural characteristics

  Grid: a new type of grid structure patent technology;

  The positive plate is not less than 3.5mm, the pasted positive plates, high temperature and high humidity curing process 4BS;

  Partition: with high adsorption, high stability, AGM microporous ultrafine glass fiber partition board;

  Battery shell: high strength ABS (fire-retardant grade) for impact resistance and vibration resistance.

  Terminal seal: the use of multi-layer pole seal proprietary technology;

  Safety valve: the structure of a column type patent labyrinth double layer explosion-proof acid valve body;

  Terminal: structure design of copper core terminal.

Service commitment

Weihai Weng long Power Group Co., Ltd., in line with the tenet of "taking customer interests as the center", establishes the service system according to the standard of the ISO9001 management system. In order to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the equipment of each user unit, our company makes the following commitment to the service:

Product quality assurance commitment:

To the delivery date and place of delivery: delivery guarantee delivery within 28 days to meet the special circumstances, otherwise agreed.  The place of delivery is safely delivered at the designated location of the user.
You can guide the installation supervision: the installation, commissioning and technical equipment according to the requirements of the buyer is responsible for.
Some products, preliminary trial operation and final inspection: the inspection of the equipment supplier will actively cooperate, commissioning and final inspection work, and can be used for testing the performance of the product according to the user's requirements, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
The warranty period, products: 12V series batteries for three years after the acceptance, 2V series for the five years after the acceptance;  power supply (cabinet) after acceptance in the warranty for free repair or replacement, the warranty period after the product lifetime warranty.
During the warranty period, we will replace unpaid products due to problems such as raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Information services:

It is provided with the product the product manual and installation instructions.
According to the design, installation and user requirements, provide product design and installation drawings.
Offer relevant performance data and characteristic curves of the products according to the requirements of users.
Offer training required training materials and related materials.

Technical support services:

The technical support services provided by Wen long include telephone service and on-site support, which are used for two kinds of services, which are used to assist users to solve the equipment failure and ensure the reliable and stable operation of the equipment.
The telephone support service:
Some users in the maintenance process, due to technical failure caused by the equipment, which lead to the normal work, can be by telephone to the long service request.
Service hotline: +86-631-8843588
To maintenance engineers call a support group, with the fastest time in response to user service requirements, answer user questions, assist and guide users to make the solution to the problem.
To provide telephone support service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day of service.
On site support services:
You on the phone support unable to properly solve the problem, I will be sent within 48 hours of technical personnel arrived at the scene to assist the user in troubleshooting.
For you in the warranty period of product, we will replace free of charge due to raw materials and manufacturing process problems such as failure of the product.
You for the warranty period of products, our company provides the following two kinds of service program, the user can choose:
1) the failure equipment is in charge of the buyer. The supplier will cooperate with the supplier. After the supplier has finished the maintenance, the supplier will be returned to the demand side, and the cost of the equipment transportation is borne by the buyer.
2) the failure equipment is responsible for the buyer, the supplier will cooperate with the supplier, the supplier is responsible for the replacement of the equipment, and the buyer can replace the new product at a preferential price according to the number of years that the fault product runs.

Inspection Service:

You wen long company to arrange technical personnel on-site inspection and inspection regularly the implementation of telephone or the user should be required to visit the user, eliminating the normal operation of equipment problems, reduce equipment failure rate.
It includes hardware and software inspection service inspection inspection and environmental inspection of three items.
I found that to solve the problems in the inspection service, to "technical support" to solve.
Training services:
The on-site training service:
I Fumitaka company technical staff in the field service support or inspection service, the implementation of on-site training services.
I object to the user equipment maintenance personnel training, training content is related to the daily maintenance of knowledge, and answer about the maintenance and use of the user's questions, in order to improve the user's maintenance level.
The technical training services:
Weng long company provides technical training services related to the daily maintenance of user equipment, and improves the maintenance level of users at various levels and angles.
To my company free of charge to your unit class, technical training, and may also invite your unit equipment maintenance personnel to the company to accept free technical training.
Some technical training services: the contents of accumulator and basic principle of chemical reaction, the basic structure of the battery, the battery performance, battery production process and production equipment, battery and battery maintenance and common fault analysis of power source equipment; the basic principle, performance, use and maintenance of attention and exclusion common fault analysis and matters.
I Fumitaka company provides technical training materials and related materials.

Environmental protection services:

The internal scrap lead-acid batteries containing sulfuric acid and heavy metals, they are substances harmful to the environment, the company has been fully aware of their social responsibility, in August 2001 passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the company actively promote the environmental protection action of technology and economy within the scope of license at the same time, in order to strengthen our cooperation in terms of the environment continuous improvement, implementation of pollution prevention and environmental behavior, need to be properly handled to scrap batteries, to protect our survival homes.
I tested the battery scrap, disassembly, handling process must be careful to avoid the impact caused by rupture of the roll, the battery shell dramatically, resulting in internal electrolyte leakage caused by environmental pollution.
It should be properly stored battery scrap, arbitrary disposal will cause environmental pollution.
Some local, system, Department of battery scrap processing if there are special provisions, in accordance with the provisions of hope. Otherwise, please sell it to the qualified battery dealer and collect the qualification certificate of the dealer.
The user you have difficulty handling the battery, please contact the customer service department service company, our company is responsible for related matters.

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