Mainly produces and sells valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, DC power supply cabinets (screens) and various inverter power supplies

Mutually beneficial win-win -- look at the development with the strategic vision, and seek a win-win cooperation in a cooperative way. In today's global economic integration, expansion is the opportunity and survival is going to develop. The traditional business mode can only be tired of battle, and only if we want to succeed, we must go out.


Our strategic focus and main measures are:

Consolidate the advantages of the industry and accelerate the development

As long as we put the advantages into full play, tap potential into full play and bring people's subjective initiative into full play, we can form agglomeration effect and create miracle of development. In the future work, the group will give full play to the advantages of the power supply, and build Weng long group into a larger scale, more famous and more famous.
More radiant and competitive industrial clusters

Adjust the industrial structure and improve the economic benefit

"The state of the economic structure determines the level of economic benefits and the quality of development." The group will firmly establish a new concept with adjustment as the main line and efficiency as the center, and strive for big investment and big projects, and promote the upgrading of industrial structure to high level, high quality and high technology.
The long group to seize the opportunity and accelerate the development of the undertaking, the time the long group construction has become a large enterprise groups, and promote the social economic high speed, unconventional, leapfrog development, for the construction of well-off and modernization of the new Weihai, the construction of "big and strong, rich and beautiful" new socialist Shandong strive.