Electronic Power Development Engineer


Minimum Education:

No limit

Recruiting number:


Experience Requirements:

No limit

Job Description:

Develop and design various new power supply products, including: high frequency DC switching power supply development, inverter power supply development, new energy application power supply development, reactive power compensation device development, etc.; continuously improve and upgrade existing products.


Professional requirements:

Bachelor's degree or above in industrial electrical automation, power electronics, electronics technology, work experience is preferred.


Basic skills:

Familiar with power electronic circuit topology, familiar with the basic principles and control methods of power supply products, with certain software foundation, mastering at least one skill in microcontroller, DSP, CPLD and upper computer programming. Proficiency in using PROTEL99 for schematic and PCB design, mastering assembly language, C language, VB/VC and other software languages. Salary: annual salary of 20,000 to 50,000 after the probationary period, those with particularly strong ability will be considered separately.