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Model longmm widemm highmm Total heightmm Reference weightkg
6-GFM-65 355 165 188 188 22


    The AGM lean liquid valve control technology, high purity raw materials and a number of independent patent technology, the life cycle has a longer float and more, with high energy, low self discharge rate, high and low temperature resistance and good performance of reproduction. Products meet domestic and international standards, and are suitable for standby power and power generation and distribution industry backup and operation power, and can be widely applied in data, signal transmission, EPS/UPS and other fields.

  Product features

  Capacity range (C10):65Ah (25 C);

  Voltage level: 2V;

  The design life is long: the design life is 3-5 years; (25 degrees C);


  The sealed reaction efficiency is high: 99%;

  It has a compact structure and high specific energy.

  The range of working temperature is wide: -15~45 C.

  Structural characteristics

  Grid: a new type of grid structure patent technology;

  Paste type positive plate, high temperature and high humidity 4BS curing process;

  Partition: with high adsorption, high stability, AGM microporous ultrafine glass fiber partition board;

  Battery shell: high strength ABS (fire-retardant grade) for impact resistance and vibration resistance.

  Terminal seal: the use of multi-layer pole seal proprietary technology;

  Safety valve: the structure of a column type patent labyrinth double layer explosion-proof acid valve body;

  Terminal: structure design of copper core terminal.

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